Custom Training Case Study

Here’s one example of how we helped a client update their curriculum and improve their bottom line.


Several years into an e-Learning initiative for dealership parts and service associates, Ford Motor Company decided to evaluate their courseware from the standpoints of both content relevance and learning approach.


We analyzed evaluation data for the curriculum. We then completed a comprehensive review of each course, looking at content, usability, learning design, and functionality. Finally, we evaluated the overall curriculum for its fit with dealership job functions.

Based on our review, we helped Ford create new standards for e-Learning development using the latest cognitive research. We simplified the curriculum for several job functions, reducing the number of courses and total training time. We then designed new courses based on the simplified curriculum path and new standards.


Dealership managers and associates described the new courses as more useful and more relevant than the previous curriculum. In addition, Ford’s analysis showed that associates who completed the revised curriculum had significantly higher parts and labor sales, and greater key product sales penetration.